Monday, 18 May 2009

Spring cleaning

Went down to the allotment today, knowing it would be too wet to do any digging, but I just wanted to see how things were going.

All the weeds that were sprayed a couple of weeks ago are dying off, so it should be a lot easier for me to clear those parts of the plot.  The ground that I've dug already still looks quite weed-free, despite the constant rain we've been having.

While I was there, I decided to clean out the shed I inherited from the previous plotholder.  I found containers of chemicals made by ICI and a Cadbury's Marvel tin (don't know what that contained - can't have been Marvel after all this time!!!)  Talk about a blast from the past.  

I swept away some massive cobwebs and an unbelievable pile of I don't even know what from underneath a 1960's cupboard unit (which I'm keeping).  And who remembers those paraffin heaters?  Well, there was one of those in my shed too.  I'll have to find a scrapman to take that away!  Old wellies, a kettle, a saucepan (what did he do with them?), a couple of 13 amp fuses, a big battery (to fit those square torches) but no torches, old trainers.  It took me about 3 hours to empty, clean, and straighten up. 

So after a bit of TLC, now I feel like it's 'my shed' and 'my plot', not an abandoned shed on a neglected plot.   It's still been a worthwhile day, so I'm glad I went up after all - despite the fact that it was raining quite heavily this morning.

Anyway, I'm at work tomorrow so I'll have to go back up on Wednesday to get rid of the rubbish!!